Why Choose Hard Wood Floors

What Makes Hard Wood Floors Better?

When you choose a Hardwood Floor there are few passionate and experienced craftsman in the business. SureWood Floors considers everything from design to installation to refinishing. So how do we work review all of the factors in reviving of your home? It’s not just about the type of wood and stain to choose. It’s about inspiration. Seeing color or wood type looks good in a magazine or on TV. What your friend’s house looks like after a hardwood installation. Looking at what colors go well in the existing spaces. SureWood reviews the whole house to get a true understanding of what your home needs. They review how all of the rooms will work together. SureWood knows that the upgrading of something as important as your floors can change a house into home.

Hard Choices to Make

When sanding and refinishing your existing wood floors, in most cases it will create a beautiful outcome. Unfortunately, a floor it may be damaged to the point where they will bave to be replaced. Standard wood floors won’t have the long life that hardwood floors will. Refinishing them won’t add much value since the life and quality of the floor will be low and won’t last long. When you install a new floor, the value of your home will grow substantially.

Should You DIY or Call a Professional

A floor of top quality is not just about choosing a wood floor and installing or staining it. A wood floor installed by professionals like SureWood Floors will improve the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars. Whether it’s deciding to sand and refinish your existing floor or to install a real hardwood floor, your best choice is to do what improves your home’s value.

Consider the Details

The overall process of SureWood’s design and production of Hardwood Floors begins with the overall home style. Your choice of replacing or refinishing the current floor is about the future of your home.

When installing a hardwood floor there is a host of specifications that need to be considered: direction of wood, atmosphere in-house, sub floor specifications, the option to choose the species of wood, grade, dimension, product look as well as – ultimately – what will be best for the space. Refinishing a hardwood floor is a popular way to improve existing wood floors that can have a dramatic appeal to the space. In addition, staining will also improve the look of the hardwood to reveal its natural wood tones.

Ultimately, we turn your house into a home that you can be proud of. Check out SureWood Floor’s Hardwood Gallery and see what can be done for a home.