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Hardwood Flooring

Catskill's Surewood Floors hardwood floors includes refinishing, resanding, and installation. With these skills, SureWood Floors brings an entire home to life. Whether it's your ideas about your living space or examples of flooring that you've seen, SureWood Floors can provide you with the personal style that reflects your home. SureWood Floor refinishing or installation brings Catskill and surrounding areas Hardwood Floor based on the rooms and hallways, color choices, wood types - and much more.

Hardwood Floor Gallery

If the Gallery by SureWood inspires you, contact us for a Free Consultation on Hardwood Floors. The floor gallery of SureWood Hardwood floor shows the many styles used in order to improve the look and...
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Why Choose Hard Wood Floors

What Makes Hard Wood Floors Better? When you choose a Hardwood Floor there are few passionate and experienced craftsman in the business. SureWood Floors considers everything from design to installation to refinishing. So how do...
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SureWood Floors – Contact

SureWood Floors services have been available for decades and have brought their dream-homes into reality. Plus, hardwood floors give the highest quality expert services for wood floor installation and refinishing. And while we provide you the...
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Hardwood Floor Services add Value to Your Home.

Hardwood Flooring Services

Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Your Hardwood Floors, after many years of activity in the home, will naturally lose their beauty.
Wear and tear may have given in to a hardwood floor since it can only sustain duration for a certain amount of years.
SureWood Floors brings your home back to life to its original charm and luster.

Elegant Design Installations

Add Hardwood Floor Designs to improve the elegant look of your home. The design that you choose sets the distinction in your living space.
They bring out your own personal expressions and artistry making your home yours.

Custom Wood Floor Staining

If your Hardwood Floors have suffered damage, the original wood can be sanded and re-stained.
You also the option of choosing a different stain that your original floor had.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Regardless of the age of your floor, repairs can be made without refinishing the floor at all.
Scuffs, scrapes and indents in the floor can create a focus on the improvements that should be made.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Bring back the tone and richness that that originally inspired you about your home.
Old hardwood floors can look the same as they did years ago.